Thursday, June 7, 2018

And Another Graduate!

 Our youngest child graduated from High School last weekend. Our last High School graduate! How quickly the time flew by. I shed a few tears several days leading up to this graduation ceremony and even the day of. I am overwhelmingly excited for this wonderful young man and his accomplishments and future endeavors but also I recognize what a marker this is for him as well as me.
Our last high schooler, our #5 graduated!
 Not only will our youngest son be entering into a new season of life but my husband and I will be entering a new season of life as we draw closer to becoming empty nesters.
My husband and our youngest and me!
 A new season of life for sure. But just like the yearly seasons change into winter, summer, spring and fall, I always look forward to what each season brings with it.  So I do feel a sense of hope and excitement to see what the Lord will bring our way as we face a new season of life. One things for sure though, we never stop being a parent.
Siblings pic!
 And I LOVE being Mama to these children!
Our 2018 Graduates
 We have had 2 to graduate this year. Our middle child just received her masters degree and will be off to a foreign country in a few months to teach English for the next several years. She's so excited!
Celebrating our graduates!
I am trusting the Lord as he leads and guides our family. I am thankful for this new upcoming season in my life. I am not sure exactly how it is going to look in the future but I do know that I will continue to be Mama to these and I will continue to look to the Lord and seek to honor Him with my life.

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Ann Poholek said...

Dear Mrs. Phillips,

I would love to read your blog on Laurelwood. I am the granddaughter of Wilsons on Willie Wilson/Congress Road and my “family lore” was that my granddaddy was born in that house during a funeral viewing. The elder Wilsons claim this to be true, but I have no idea. Anyway, I would absolutely love any information you have. Prior to the current owners, we were always able to go see the house and the previous owners were going to let us go inside once they made it safe enough, but unfortunately that never happened (they were the ones that were restoring the Mercantile and it burned down in the process, and they sold it.

Thank you for your time,
Ann Hull Poholek