Thursday, June 7, 2018

And Another Graduate!

 Our youngest child graduated from High School last weekend. Our last High School graduate! How quickly the time flew by. I shed a few tears several days leading up to this graduation ceremony and even the day of. I am overwhelmingly excited for this wonderful young man and his accomplishments and future endeavors but also I recognize what a marker this is for him as well as me.
Our last high schooler, our #5 graduated!
 Not only will our youngest son be entering into a new season of life but my husband and I will be entering a new season of life as we draw closer to becoming empty nesters.
My husband and our youngest and me!
 A new season of life for sure. But just like the yearly seasons change into winter, summer, spring and fall, I always look forward to what each season brings with it.  So I do feel a sense of hope and excitement to see what the Lord will bring our way as we face a new season of life. One things for sure though, we never stop being a parent.
Siblings pic!
 And I LOVE being Mama to these children!
Our 2018 Graduates
 We have had 2 to graduate this year. Our middle child just received her masters degree and will be off to a foreign country in a few months to teach English for the next several years. She's so excited!
Celebrating our graduates!
I am trusting the Lord as he leads and guides our family. I am thankful for this new upcoming season in my life. I am not sure exactly how it is going to look in the future but I do know that I will continue to be Mama to these and I will continue to look to the Lord and seek to honor Him with my life.

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