Thursday, January 4, 2018


A new morning with the sunrise falling on a fresh snowfall is a lovely sight to behold.  We don't get snow very often in this part of the south. Waking up to this much snow is a very rare thing! Yes, we get a little excited here when it snows!
  I couldn't resist stepping outside early this morning in my fuzzy robe just to breathe in the cold fresh air and see in person the sunrise falling on the snow. It glistened like diamonds. The hush of quiet in those few moments made me pause with thanksgiving and awe over the beauty that God blesses us with. I didn't last long though outside because it was 16 degrees and I was freezing!!!
 These little house finches showed up looking for some birdseed.
 I just love how the morning sun filtered through the pines!
 In the middle of the winter storm yesterday my husband and our two youngest boys just had to get out in it and throw a few snowballs at each other. I think my husband was enjoying it more than the boys. He had such a look of glee on his face!
I put some more bird seed out this morning and we counted at least 40 birds at one point trying to get some bird seed.  I hope that you enjoyed a glimpse of our southern snow day. It won't last long around here.

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