Monday, August 14, 2017

Things are a little quiet at our country retreat today. 

Most of the kids were home yesterday afternoon for Sunday dinner. I love making a big Sunday dinner for after church. I have fond memories as a child going to our family plantation home for big dinners where our extended families got together and everyone brought food and we enjoyed fellowship together. It really makes this Mama happy when my children are all gathered around the table and enjoying their favorite home cooked meals and hearing them talk about the various things going on in their life. Our Sunday table talks usually involve discussing the pastor's sermon and everyone usually shares something that they learned from the message that morning. One thing I know for sure is that in raising our children we never failed to point them to God and to His Word as the standard for living.  As they each move on in this life it is our prayer that in every thing they do that they would honor God and serve Him.

I was outside at our country retreat this morning and tried to catch a picture of a hummingbird enjoying this zinnia but the little bird was too quick to catch on camera! But I saw this beautiful zinnia with its flower starting to curl and fade and it reminded me that even though the flower may fade and the things of this world may pass away, the Word of the Lord will stand forever!

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