Sunday, April 30, 2017


And just like that.....we have another college graduate!!!!! Summa cum laude and was inducted into the Delta Epsilon Chi Honor Society of the Association for Biblical Higher Education! We are so proud!!!!!
Congratulations to our middle child
We loved celebrating her yesterday! I don't know where the time went but it seemed like we were just taking her to her freshman year of college and dropping her off and now here she is a graduate. She has graduated with high honors, no student loans, and is already working on her master's degree. Hard work and diligence certainly paid off!
Our graduate and her siblings
 Her graduation fell in the middle of exams for one of our other sons in college but he rescheduled it to be with her. Our son in medical school has been in extreme study mode for medical boards but thankfully worked it out to be with us. I love how much the kids are supportive of each other. They really do a great job at encouraging each other.
Silliness (or maybe the heat was getting to them)
Our graduate and her grandparents
Speaking of in-laws always try to be at anything that the kids have going on. They have a lot of grandchildren but try to support them all as much as possible. I'm so grateful and thankful. I hope that when I have grandchildren that I will have at least half of their energy!
 I'm also thankful for the great relationships that were made during my daughter's college years.

She has made some wonderful, lifelong friends and that was an answered prayer.

One of the greatest highlights of life is seeing your children press on and accomplish their goals. I can't wait to see what the future holds. For now, I'm glad to have her home for a few weeks before she heads off to volunteer overseas for 6 weeks. I know that God has some great adventures in store for her!