Friday, March 10, 2017

Early Spring Outing & Sleepy Goats!

We had the opportunity to take a little family outing today. Since we were already headed up to the upstate to pick up the college boy for spring break we decided to see if the "love birds" were free and surprisingly they were! No med school today! So we picked them up along the way and headed up a little further north to a favorite little spot we like to visit in Flat Rock NC. 
The sun was bright and it was a gorgeous day! The wind still had brisk chill to it but it felt great in the sun and in the spots that were protected from the wind. The goats at the Carl Sandburg Home were feeling kind of lazy in the sunshine. I think we caught them taking their afternoon nap!

 They did seem to enjoy a little ear scratching and head rubbing though.
 This one was sooooo sleepy! It paid us no attention whatsoever!
 Cute little barn kitty named Joshua seemed to enjoy the snuggling and extra attention from our daughter and daughter in-law.
 Can't believe our middle child above will be graduating from college in just a few months!
 Also it is hard to believe that these 2 in the picture below will be celebrating 2 years of marriage in a few months. My how quickly the time seems to fly by. Can we slow it down a bit?
The day ended too quickly and we had to head back home. We had a great time together. Cherished moments for sure.

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