Sunday, September 20, 2015

Apple Picking!

It's that time of year when we make our annual trek up to Hendersonville to pick apples. We've been going to the same apple orchard since our children were small. Such great memories here. Also it's a great transition from summer to fall to go on our annual apple picking trip.  We look forward to it.
 This year though when we reached the apple orchard that has been the same for all these years, we noticed some changes. Building were torn down and rebuilt. It wasn't the same. Change happens.
 It's part of life. Children grow up, go off to college and get married. The lovebirds went on their first apple picking adventure as a married couple. They are so fun to watch!!! Our family is growing up. It is bittersweet. Walking throughout the apple orchard I was remembering our children as babies and toddlers when we had to hold their hands & carry them through this orchard. My husband would put them up on his shoulders so they could reach the apples. Now they are taller than we are! We're moving into a new season of life.
 Seasons come and seasons go. There is always a sense of loss when we transition but there is always the anticipation of a new season. Just like we anticipate our annual apple picking trip. It's a sign that Fall is almost here.

 We're sad to say goodbye to summer but look forward with anticipation the delights and joys that fall brings. Each season brings it's own treasures!  As we ended our day we stopped at a little outdoor restaurant and enjoyed the gorgeous weather eating outside with our family. I loved and treasured every minute of our time with all of us together. This cute little rooster serenaded us during our meal with a cockle-doodle-doo!!

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