Saturday, June 13, 2015

Wedding Day!

Our son getting ready to say "I Do"
Photos courtesy of Jana Candler Photography
Be warned! This post is a bit photo heavy but just know that I could have posted about 500 more pictures!!! It's not everyday that your first child to get married happens. I mentioned a few weeks ago that our oldest son got married, well now, the wedding day pictures have come in. They are excellent!  All of these pictures posted here were taken by Jana Candler Photography.  If you need pictures done and you live in SC I would highly recommend
 Our son has had a lot of excitement lately. He just graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Biology, was excepted into Medical School and married his beautiful bride all within a few weeks of each other. We are so proud of him!
My lovely daughter in-law and me!
 I prayed for my daughter in-law beginning many years ago when our son was first born. I prayed for her safety and that she would be growing in a Godly home and that there were people in her life who were loving her and helping her to grow spiritually. I am amazed at God's goodness in bringing this lovely young lady into our lives.
 The beautiful Bride and her lovely bridesmaids just took my breath away!
Our 5 children
 Each of our 5 children were in the wedding. I thought it was so special that our girls were both bridesmaids and our younger sons were best men!
My husband and our 3 sons
 Even more special was that my husband performed the ceremony! So blessed!!!
My daughters and me!
 The wedding colors looked so great together.  The peach & navy scheme looked beautiful with just a touch of a nautical theme here and there.  Very classy!
 It was so sweet that the Bride & Groom exchanged letters behind the door before the wedding. (No seeing the Bride before the wedding!)
 My husband was so honored that he was asked to officiate the ceremony. One of the perks of being an ordained minister is to be a part of such glorious occasions in the lives of people. Especially so if that involves one of your own children. I'm not sure how he managed to do it without crying or getting choked up, but he did.  The comments we heard from the wedding was that it was one of the most Christ centered weddings that most had ever seen.
Saying "I Do"
 What a lovely thing to witness and be a part of.  Two Godly people whom the Lord has brought together to be joined in matrimony.  God is good!!!
Mr & Mrs
 Nothing sweeter than watching them share their first dance as a married couple. My heart was about to burst with joy and gladness.  I still feel that same way as I share these pictures. I'm so happy for them!!!
First dance
 It was a picture perfect day and a picture perfect wedding celebration!
 Our family has grown. I now have a new daughter!!!

It was the perfect day!!!

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