Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Strolling Along

We have a favorite place we like to stroll along together as a family.  It's a lovely old rice plantation that has been turned into a wildlife preserve. 
It is the perfect place to experience the serenity and the beauty of the lowcountry.  You never know what you will see while on an outing. We saw this osprey guarding her nest.  She was very vocal about us being nearby.

 We loved this cute little crab that scurried across our path.

Our youngest had a keen eye for pointing out alligators that we would not have even noticed. We might have a future maritime forest ranger on our hands!
Our son's alert eye also prevented me from stepping on this snake that was in my path. He yelled out a warning just in time! This was a harmless ribbon snake but I bet if I had stepped on it it might have bitten me.
 This is such a beautiful location.  The coastal breezes blowing through the old rice fields is so soothing and peaceful.
Taking time to stroll along and enjoy the beauty of our surroundings can help us with the stressors that this life can bring.  God has created such a beautiful world.  We need to take time to thank Him and enjoy His creation.


Patricia Ennis said...


Many thanks for including my blog on yours. Since you are in the South I would enjoy welcoming you to Southwestern Baptist Seminary and sharing Horner Homemaking House with you. Blessings on your ministry!

Pat Ennis :-)

Myra Campbell Phillips said...

Hi Pat Thanks so much for your comment and for stopping by my blog! I graduated from Southwestern Baptist Seminary many years ago! I wish you had been there back then as I love the ministry that you have to the ladies there. If I ever make it back to SWBTS for a visit I will certainly stop by and say hello!!! Blessings!