Monday, May 11, 2015


We've been in a whirlwind of activities lately.  Festive & fun with a good sprinkling of CRAZY thrown in just about describes life right now.  We are proud parents of our first college graduate!
Our college graduate and his siblings
 Our oldest son graduated last week. We are so proud of him!!! He majored in Biology and finished with high honors. He's headed to medical school and we are so excited for him and his Bride to be.
My husband, me, our son and his bride to be!
 It was such a high moment for us to hear his name called as he walked across and received his college degree. He certainly worked hard and we are proud to say he did it all on scholarships so he has no college debt. I'm sure he will make up for that as he goes into medical school with the cost of textbooks alone. Ouch!
The "lovebirds" as we call them. My son & my future daughter in-law
 I LOVE my future daughter in-law soooooo much!!!! She is so supportive and I just love how she loves my son.  God is good. I've prayed for her ever since my son was born!!!!
Middle son High School senior!
 Our middle child will also be graduating from High School right before the wedding in a few weeks. We celebrated him recently at a sweet chapel service that honored the seniors. I don't know where the time has gone but it sure seems to be moving quickly!!!!
Our middle son on the banjo
 Middle son also plays a few instruments and played the banjo recently with a group of students from his school who were leading worship in the chapel service. This was his first time to play the banjo with a group and we were so proud of him.
Mother(ME) & Son moment at a Bridal luncheon
 We are making the most of these special moments with our children and celebrating them as they reach these LIFE markers. We know God has some good things in store for the future.
Me and all my "babies" on Mother's Day
I had the most wonderful Mother's Day! The children surprised me with ALL of them being at home at the same time for a short weekend.  We knew this would be our last time to all be together like this before the wedding.  They made my day so special. Of course, this man below makes everyday a special day for me.  We've been married for 26 years and he still makes my heart go pitter pat!!!
Me and the love of my life!

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