Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Our son and his lovely bride to be!
In just a few days we will have a daughter in-law! I am so happy. I have prayed for this young lady since my son was born. I've wondered about her over the years and if she was safe and happy. I've wondered if she was being raised in a Godly home with loving Christian parents.  I now know that God was providing for her and that she was growing up in a loving christian home with wonderful parents. I'm so thankful and blessed that God brought these two together. It brings me great JOY!

Bride & Bridesmaids
We enjoyed last Saturday with a special luncheon downtown.  It was the most BEAUTIFUL day! The weather was perfect. The coastal breezes stirred up the fragrance of the confederate jasmine that is in full bloom right now and it was just glorious!!!

Our lovely daughters
Our girls are happy to be getting another sister. I'm amazed at how our family and our future daughter in-law's family have bonded. God has truly knit our hearts together.  

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