Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! 
 We've had great weekend enjoying our family time together. We were missing one child who was on a European trip with his school. Can't wait to have him home tonight. But our other college kids were home and we just enjoyed being together. We celebrated with a wedding on Saturday. My oldest sister got married yesterday. I will post about that soon when I get the pictures uploaded. It was a cherished time for our family.
Our daughters enjoying some salty air and sunshine
 After the wedding we came back home and spent the evening on the beach watching our oldest son catching some waves. The crazy child decided not to wear his wetsuit. I don't think he was able to feel his legs at all by the time he got out. The sun was warm but the water hasn't had time to warm up yet.
 Our oldest son has really enjoyed learning to surf. He scared me a bit though when I saw a fin come up just a few feet behind him when he was out. But it was a friendly dolphin!  Speaking of weddings, we are counting down the days 'til these two tie the knot.
Our oldest son and his fiancé
 Their wedding is quickly approaching us. We are so happy and excited for them.  Our middle child was attempting to catch a frisbee and didn't realize she was headed towards a hole someone had dug in the sand. (This is why you need to fill up your holes you dig on the beach) I was trying to get a camera shot of her catching the frisbee but caught her falling gracefully I might add in a hole!
Middle child taking a tumble
She's so graceful!
 She was of good cheer though and just laughed it off! I told her I never saw someone fall so gracefully and beautifully before!!!

 I just had to snap this picture of a pretty beach flower blooming by the sand dune.  Lots of things are beginning to awaken on this beautiful spring day. Flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing and gators are beginning to move about. Watch where you step!
We came across this alligator on our walk. I think we woke it from a nap. We saw a baby alligator too. I guess we need to be on the lookout for snakes waking up now that it's getting warmer.

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