Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Perfect imperfect photo

Our wonderful children!
It is evident that I am not a professional photographer.  There is so much not right about this picture that I took of my kids.  I was trying to get the perfect picture for our Christmas cards this past Christmas.  After taking 219 pictures of the kids that day on the beach there was not a single picture that had each of them looking at the camera at the same time, smiling & eyes open.  Every picture had someone blinking, turning the wrong way, in shadows, frowning get the picture! Finally, when I saw this picture after downloading them all. I knew this was the one for our card.  This picture showed the personality of each of the kids.  Yes by photography standards there is a lot of imperfection in this photo, shadows, other people in the background, the kids not posing perfectly. But it is the perfect picture because they were having fun and their personality came out in the photo. I will always treasure this one as the Perfect Christmas card photo.

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