Friday, November 27, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

We decided to do a little something different this Thanksgiving. We were unable to all be together for the main Thanksgiving day meal so we decided to invite everyone out to our country home at sunset for a fireside cider sipping and marshmallow toasting get together.  
We had a perfect evening. It was relaxed and simple to pull together. Most of all just a fun time hanging out with our family and enjoying being together. 
Our son and our lovely daughter in-law
Our college children were home all at the same time and the newlyweds were here in the evening. I am always in my element when the kids are all home at the same time.
Our girls and our Aussie Bogie (Best Dog EVER)
Our dog loves it too when all of the kids are home. He thinks that they belong to him.
Trying to get the perfectly toasted marshmallow without dropping it in the fire is quite an art!
We have much to be thankful for.  I'm so thankful for the Lord's hand on my life and how He has blessed my family. 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

White Coat Ceremony

 Today was a special day for our family. Our oldest son is in his first year of medical school and today he reached a milestone. The white coat ceremony is a celebration of achievement and rite of passage after the first block of medical school is completed. It is a symbol of hard work, hours and hours of study time, competing for high scores on tests to get into medical school, maintaining a high GPA and I could go on and on. Let's just say, this "cloaking" of the white coat is a big deal!!!
Our son getting "cloaked" in his white coat
This moment was long awaited for! Watching all of these students reach this point in their pursuit of a  career was pretty amazing. I cried over kids that weren't even my own especially those who were cloaked by a parent or sibling that was already a physician. 
 I can't even begin to describe how proud we are that our son has made it this far in his journey to becoming a physician. He's going to make a great doctor!
We are proud parents for sure!
Our son told us when he was only 2 years old that he was going to be a doctor. He has never swayed from that and now at 22 he is in his first year of medical school.
 I think he's going to be good friends with this fellow!
Our family
What a wonderful day! I am blessed that God has given me a great family and that we celebrate one another well. I'm looking forward to celebrating more achievements and milestones in the days and years ahead.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Apple Picking!

It's that time of year when we make our annual trek up to Hendersonville to pick apples. We've been going to the same apple orchard since our children were small. Such great memories here. Also it's a great transition from summer to fall to go on our annual apple picking trip.  We look forward to it.
 This year though when we reached the apple orchard that has been the same for all these years, we noticed some changes. Building were torn down and rebuilt. It wasn't the same. Change happens.
 It's part of life. Children grow up, go off to college and get married. The lovebirds went on their first apple picking adventure as a married couple. They are so fun to watch!!! Our family is growing up. It is bittersweet. Walking throughout the apple orchard I was remembering our children as babies and toddlers when we had to hold their hands & carry them through this orchard. My husband would put them up on his shoulders so they could reach the apples. Now they are taller than we are! We're moving into a new season of life.
 Seasons come and seasons go. There is always a sense of loss when we transition but there is always the anticipation of a new season. Just like we anticipate our annual apple picking trip. It's a sign that Fall is almost here.

 We're sad to say goodbye to summer but look forward with anticipation the delights and joys that fall brings. Each season brings it's own treasures!  As we ended our day we stopped at a little outdoor restaurant and enjoyed the gorgeous weather eating outside with our family. I loved and treasured every minute of our time with all of us together. This cute little rooster serenaded us during our meal with a cockle-doodle-doo!!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Wedding Day!

Our son getting ready to say "I Do"
Photos courtesy of Jana Candler Photography
Be warned! This post is a bit photo heavy but just know that I could have posted about 500 more pictures!!! It's not everyday that your first child to get married happens. I mentioned a few weeks ago that our oldest son got married, well now, the wedding day pictures have come in. They are excellent!  All of these pictures posted here were taken by Jana Candler Photography.  If you need pictures done and you live in SC I would highly recommend
 Our son has had a lot of excitement lately. He just graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Biology, was excepted into Medical School and married his beautiful bride all within a few weeks of each other. We are so proud of him!
My lovely daughter in-law and me!
 I prayed for my daughter in-law beginning many years ago when our son was first born. I prayed for her safety and that she would be growing in a Godly home and that there were people in her life who were loving her and helping her to grow spiritually. I am amazed at God's goodness in bringing this lovely young lady into our lives.
 The beautiful Bride and her lovely bridesmaids just took my breath away!
Our 5 children
 Each of our 5 children were in the wedding. I thought it was so special that our girls were both bridesmaids and our younger sons were best men!
My husband and our 3 sons
 Even more special was that my husband performed the ceremony! So blessed!!!
My daughters and me!
 The wedding colors looked so great together.  The peach & navy scheme looked beautiful with just a touch of a nautical theme here and there.  Very classy!
 It was so sweet that the Bride & Groom exchanged letters behind the door before the wedding. (No seeing the Bride before the wedding!)
 My husband was so honored that he was asked to officiate the ceremony. One of the perks of being an ordained minister is to be a part of such glorious occasions in the lives of people. Especially so if that involves one of your own children. I'm not sure how he managed to do it without crying or getting choked up, but he did.  The comments we heard from the wedding was that it was one of the most Christ centered weddings that most had ever seen.
Saying "I Do"
 What a lovely thing to witness and be a part of.  Two Godly people whom the Lord has brought together to be joined in matrimony.  God is good!!!
Mr & Mrs
 Nothing sweeter than watching them share their first dance as a married couple. My heart was about to burst with joy and gladness.  I still feel that same way as I share these pictures. I'm so happy for them!!!
First dance
 It was a picture perfect day and a picture perfect wedding celebration!
 Our family has grown. I now have a new daughter!!!

It was the perfect day!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Strolling Along

We have a favorite place we like to stroll along together as a family.  It's a lovely old rice plantation that has been turned into a wildlife preserve. 
It is the perfect place to experience the serenity and the beauty of the lowcountry.  You never know what you will see while on an outing. We saw this osprey guarding her nest.  She was very vocal about us being nearby.

 We loved this cute little crab that scurried across our path.

Our youngest had a keen eye for pointing out alligators that we would not have even noticed. We might have a future maritime forest ranger on our hands!
Our son's alert eye also prevented me from stepping on this snake that was in my path. He yelled out a warning just in time! This was a harmless ribbon snake but I bet if I had stepped on it it might have bitten me.
 This is such a beautiful location.  The coastal breezes blowing through the old rice fields is so soothing and peaceful.
Taking time to stroll along and enjoy the beauty of our surroundings can help us with the stressors that this life can bring.  God has created such a beautiful world.  We need to take time to thank Him and enjoy His creation.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Mr & Mrs!

Our son and his beautiful bride Photo credit Jana Candler Photography
Our son's wedding took place this past Saturday and it was so BEAUTIFUL!!!  It was such a lovely Christ centered wedding and it literally took my breath away!!!
I am so thankful for God's goodness and His hand upon these two. More pictures to come for sure but just couldn't wait to share this one.  We are so happy and blessed!!!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Our son and his lovely bride to be!
In just a few days we will have a daughter in-law! I am so happy. I have prayed for this young lady since my son was born. I've wondered about her over the years and if she was safe and happy. I've wondered if she was being raised in a Godly home with loving Christian parents.  I now know that God was providing for her and that she was growing up in a loving christian home with wonderful parents. I'm so thankful and blessed that God brought these two together. It brings me great JOY!

Bride & Bridesmaids
We enjoyed last Saturday with a special luncheon downtown.  It was the most BEAUTIFUL day! The weather was perfect. The coastal breezes stirred up the fragrance of the confederate jasmine that is in full bloom right now and it was just glorious!!!

Our lovely daughters
Our girls are happy to be getting another sister. I'm amazed at how our family and our future daughter in-law's family have bonded. God has truly knit our hearts together.  

Monday, May 11, 2015


We've been in a whirlwind of activities lately.  Festive & fun with a good sprinkling of CRAZY thrown in just about describes life right now.  We are proud parents of our first college graduate!
Our college graduate and his siblings
 Our oldest son graduated last week. We are so proud of him!!! He majored in Biology and finished with high honors. He's headed to medical school and we are so excited for him and his Bride to be.
My husband, me, our son and his bride to be!
 It was such a high moment for us to hear his name called as he walked across and received his college degree. He certainly worked hard and we are proud to say he did it all on scholarships so he has no college debt. I'm sure he will make up for that as he goes into medical school with the cost of textbooks alone. Ouch!
The "lovebirds" as we call them. My son & my future daughter in-law
 I LOVE my future daughter in-law soooooo much!!!! She is so supportive and I just love how she loves my son.  God is good. I've prayed for her ever since my son was born!!!!
Middle son High School senior!
 Our middle child will also be graduating from High School right before the wedding in a few weeks. We celebrated him recently at a sweet chapel service that honored the seniors. I don't know where the time has gone but it sure seems to be moving quickly!!!!
Our middle son on the banjo
 Middle son also plays a few instruments and played the banjo recently with a group of students from his school who were leading worship in the chapel service. This was his first time to play the banjo with a group and we were so proud of him.
Mother(ME) & Son moment at a Bridal luncheon
 We are making the most of these special moments with our children and celebrating them as they reach these LIFE markers. We know God has some good things in store for the future.
Me and all my "babies" on Mother's Day
I had the most wonderful Mother's Day! The children surprised me with ALL of them being at home at the same time for a short weekend.  We knew this would be our last time to all be together like this before the wedding.  They made my day so special. Of course, this man below makes everyday a special day for me.  We've been married for 26 years and he still makes my heart go pitter pat!!!
Me and the love of my life!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Folds of Honor Scholarship Recipient

We are so proud! Our middle child was awarded the Folds of Honor Scholarship. She was presented a  $5,000.00 check at a recent event in front of a ton of people. 
Middle child receiving her award
She has earned enough in scholarships to completely pay for her college education! We are so proud of her hard work. Not only has she earned scholarships but she has managed to keep them with a 3.9 GPA.  She is finishing up her 2nd year of college in a few weeks. 

We even got to meet the clydesdales up close and personal!