Monday, October 14, 2013

Seasons of Change

You can't live this life very long without embracing the changes of seasons in ones life.  Life can change suddenly, sometimes in seconds.  I'm not talking about the seasons of age that we all go through.  I am talking about seasons of living. I am talking about maturing in faith.  Life is a journey.  The journey may at times be long, hard and weary for even the fittest person.  There are also times of refreshing and rest along the way.  Either way the journey requires us to stay steadfast with our eyes on the shepherd.  I love the song by Michael Card called Joy in the Journey.
We've had some recent changes in our life and as we have gone through some of these changes I have been reminded of this song so many times.  I am learning to look for the JOY in the journey. God's blessings are so good and His mercies are new EVERY morning.  He continues to show us that He can work in great and mighty ways in our life.  Living a life of obedience to Him and following His leadership and direction in our life is the only way. When we go our own way and do our own thing, that's when we make a mess of things.

Here are some recent changes we've encountered along the journey.
Middle child moved in her dorm at college
 Our middle child headed off to college this semester. Ouch! That was hard! BUT....we are so excited for her.  She earned scholarships that covered her entire expenses except for books. She is at a fantastic christian university. We are so proud of her! We know God has great things in store for her.
We've gone COASTAL!
 The other big change is that our family has returned to our home state!  We feel very blessed to live in one of our favorite places in the world!
Our 5 blessings!
 Our kids are enjoying the coastal life so much!  We like to go for long walks on the beach.  Our youngest said it feels like vacation everyday!
Jelly Fish
 We enjoy looking for neat and interesting finds on our beach walk.  Our middle son is studying Marine Biology this year in our homeschool and we are certainly in the perfect location for that!!!
Horseshoe crab
We love it when the dolphins are out!  We enjoy watching them play as we walk along the shore.  The other day they were literally yards off of the shoreline.
 Dolphin watching has become a favorite thing we like to do as a family!
We also are enjoying our evening walks along the beach trying to catch a picture of a perfect sunset! We are enjoying the journey!

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Anonymous said...

What great pictures! God has truly blessed you and your family.