Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer is for Picking & Porch Sitting!

Strawberry Picking!
Middle daughter & middle son in the background
We love to pick fresh strawberries right out of the strawberry patch. It was about the end of the strawberry season and we found a farm that was selling for 1/2 price.

Our youngest child
Our youngest wasn't in the mood much for picking strawberries that day but he made a good effort anyway!
 We loaded them up and headed for home to make Strawberry preserves.
Our younger 2 sons smashed the berries
Strawberry preserves took teamwork to get them done quickly.
Middle child washed and chopped
 We picked and preserved the same day. In the morning the berries had been in the field and by evening they were in the canning jars.
Fresh Strawberry Preserves
Now where are those homemade biscuits!!!
Porch at the Tally House
Summer is also for porch sitting! We spent a perfect evening visiting the Tally House. We rocked on the porch with a wonderful breeze blowing.
Then we had a delicious meal of fried chicken and biscuits. The fried chicken was ALMOST as good as my Grandmama's used to be. ALMOST!

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