Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dignity and Sanctity of the Home

Do you love and value the people that are living in your home?  What kind of home environment do you have?  Is it an environment that promotes peace and love?  I have mentioned on my blog before about a book that has been very helpful to me called The HOME Experience by Devi Titus.

I purchased this book several years ago and went through it, to be honest, sort of half heartedly I am ashamed to say.  Recently, I came across some youtube videos that Devi has put out that go along with her book The HOME Experience.  I was delighted when I found these videos! It's as if Devi is right in the room with you, speaking to you personally and sharing the truths of God's Word to encourage you to be a better wife, mother, friend, and ultimately be a better servant to God.

I pulled my copy of The HOME Experience off of the shelf and have been going through it whole heartedly this time.  I would highly encourage you to look at Devi's videos and purchase a copy of The Home Experience. You can purchase a copy here.  Check out Devi's website The Living Smart Journal.  I think up to this date of my blog she has 9 videos on Youtube that you can view on this topic of the Dignity and Sanctity of the Home.  I have been greatly encouraged and I know you will be also.  Start today making your home a place of peace and love.

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