Sunday, February 27, 2011

The lovely Camellia

One of my favorite flowering shrubs is the camellia.  The camellia bush and the Magnolia tree are southern favorites and definitely some of my favorite flowering plants. If these plants could talk I am most certain they would have a southern accent!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spring Awakens in the South

daffodils, originally uploaded by sodizzymom.
The daffodils have awakened from their slumber!

Japanese Magnolia

Japanese Magnolia, originally uploaded by sodizzymom.
Spring has sprung here in the South. The Japanese Magnolia (The Tulip Tree) was just busting buds and blooms all over the place today.

Recent happenings

Ok I realize I have been missing in blogland of recent days.  Life is busy! But I will try to do better about posting more often.  Notice I said TRY!
So here is a bit of some recent happenings in our family. My husband and I just celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary!  We were married in the middle of a rare southern ice storm.  We had a beautiful candlelit service.
Feb. 18, 1989 My wedding day!
We look so young!!!
 Our oldest son auditioned and was selected to play the electric guitar in our Baptist Allstate Praise Band.
Our oldest son with the blue guitar.
 Our youngest child is in scouts.  He won the Pine Wood Derby race for his division and came in 2nd over ALL!
Our youngest with his trophy!

He was so excited and we were so proud! His car is the red one. The Winner!!!!!