Monday, October 31, 2011

Missing the College Boy!

I am missing the college boy so much!  I know we are supposed to raise them to leave one day & I am so excited that he is in college and doing well but goodness gracious I miss him!
Child #2 "College boy" performing at an outdoor concert
And no, that's not a wedding ring on his finger, it's a purity ring.  He is a young man of God who makes it clear he is striving to live out his faith.  He loves to play the guitar and lead in worship services with the praise band. He has also had a chance to do some recording with the group below called "True Vine".
Child #2 playing with the group "True Vine"
He's on the pre-med track in college and staying really busy studying (too busy I think!) But he's coming home this weekend, so Mama's gonna make sure the college boy has a good time at home and spends some time laughing and having fun with his family.
Already looking like a doctor
CHILDREN #4,#3,#2
I can't wait for him to come home this weekend and crank up the electric guitar. Oh, and I will be fixing up one of his favorite meals, Shrimp & Grits. Y'all come on over!!!

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