Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Benefits of Blogging

I started blogging several years ago not to necessarily become a "Blogger", but to develop my writing skills and for a way for people that know us from all over to keep in touch with the things going on in our lives.  I never imagined all the good that would come out of my rambling posts and unprofessional photographs. Here are a few amazing things that have come as a result of my blogging.  Some of you may know that I was very distressed about the state of disrepair and abandonment of Laurelwood Plantation that belonged to my family for almost a decade.  See, I really am a true southern belle!

Laurelwood Plantation
 In 1994 the house was sold after it had been in my family since 1908.  Not sure exactly what happened with the new owners but the house & property became neglected and eventually abandoned for years.  The Palmetto Trust acquired the house in an effort to save it as it is on the National Register for Historic Homes.  I contacted the Palmetto Trust with concerns about the property which led to the director asking me if I would consider writing a blog about the house.  I really didn't realize at the time that his hopes were that my blog would attract a buyer.  I just began writing about Laurelwood and hoped that my love and passion and memories of the property would be relayed to the readers and that they would catch the vision for what a special place Laurelwood is.  Well, Laurelwood now has a new owner and I couldn't be happier. In fact he told me recently and I quote the new owner as saying to me "in reality the only reason we went to look at Laurelwood was because of you and your blog".   I can't tell you how good that made me feel, just knowing that I branched out in an area I was a bit quite uncertain about but tried to share my thoughts anyway and that it made a difference.  Of course, I am in no way responsible for the sale of a house or the saving of Laurelwood I am just glad to know that in some way, I made a difference.  The day the house closed we had a gathering at the house that connected descendants of the original builder and first owners to my family and the new owners. It was great! You can read about it here.  
   Also as a result of blogging I have met family members that I did not even know that I had.  We
I'm on the right holding the painting of my Grandfather

have been connecting and getting to know each other and it has been GREAT!  Last night some of my

"new" cousins and I had dinner together and Florence who found out about me from my blog presented me and my cousin Becky paintings that she painted of our grandparents. My Grandfather and Becky's Grandmother were brother and sister. Florence's husband was the grandson of another sister of my Grandfather's. Florence is in the middle and Becky is holding the painting of her Grandmother.  What a blessing!!!! I certainly have benefitted from blogging.

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