Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Snake in the Grass

We had one of these in our yard recently.  I was wondering when we would come across one because at least once every summer or early fall we see one in our yard.  Usually it's me that gets the shock and surprise when I come across one in the yard but this time it was my youngest son who saw it slither across our front porch!
I have no idea what kind of snake this one is. If you happen to know what type this snake is please leave me a comment. We were fairly certain that it was not poisonous so my husband gently put it in a container and let it out in some nearby woods.  Non poisonous snakes are actually good to have around because they eat rodents and insects.  Even though there are good and bad snakes, I still do not like to be startled by them unexpectedly.
It makes me think of an old spiritual song that we used to sing in my college choir called "Sword in my Hand". A verse of this song says, "Satan is just like a snake in the grass, I've got my sword in my hand, he's always crawling in some Christians path, I've got my sword in my hand."  We should be prepared for the unexpected in life and to do that we must have God's Word in our heart.  His WORD is that sword in our hand.

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