Monday, September 26, 2011

It's family week and E-mealz is sharing a menu with you to help you and your family get back to the table. I love E-Mealz and my family has enjoyed every single one of the recipes from their menus.
Head over to E-mealz and check out the menu.  E-Mealz takes the hastle out of meal planning and it will save you money too.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I heard a new song today (new to me anyway) called Edge of the Water by Tammy Trent.
Tammy Trent
 If you've heard Tammy Trent's testimony you will know why she sings this song with such feeling and deep devotion to God.  If you have not heard Tammy Trent's testimony take time to head over to Living With Joy and listen.   I've had the privilege of hearing Tammy speak and sing in person and she always leads me to a place where I am reminded of God's great faithfulness even during the most difficult of situations.  I know you will be encouraged by Tammy's message.  After you hear  her speak, come back and listen to the song Edge of the Water and it will have a deeper meaning.  Be encouraged today.  God is faithful.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Snake in the Grass

We had one of these in our yard recently.  I was wondering when we would come across one because at least once every summer or early fall we see one in our yard.  Usually it's me that gets the shock and surprise when I come across one in the yard but this time it was my youngest son who saw it slither across our front porch!
I have no idea what kind of snake this one is. If you happen to know what type this snake is please leave me a comment. We were fairly certain that it was not poisonous so my husband gently put it in a container and let it out in some nearby woods.  Non poisonous snakes are actually good to have around because they eat rodents and insects.  Even though there are good and bad snakes, I still do not like to be startled by them unexpectedly.
It makes me think of an old spiritual song that we used to sing in my college choir called "Sword in my Hand". A verse of this song says, "Satan is just like a snake in the grass, I've got my sword in my hand, he's always crawling in some Christians path, I've got my sword in my hand."  We should be prepared for the unexpected in life and to do that we must have God's Word in our heart.  His WORD is that sword in our hand.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Discipline in the Desert

Discipline in the Desert
I would encourage you to listen to one of my favorite programs Revive Our Hearts.  As usual the program airing right now is a timely message.  I am always encouraged by Nancy Leigh DeMoss and the ministry of Revive Our Hearts.  I am sure you will be encouraged too so head over to Revive Our Hearts and take a listen!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My blog posting has not been quite reliable or consistent.  Maybe due to the fact that I am always busy doing something thus the name of my blog The So Dizzy Life.  Here is a quick update of some of the things that have taken place over the summer.  Our youngest child turned 11.  I can't believe how quickly time flies. It seems it was just yesterday when we were blessed by his arrival. He is a true gift from God!
 Our oldest child turned 21.  She wore a tiara to celebrate.  Here is my husband and our firstborn while we celebrated a special dinner at the Olive Garden.
 She wanted a cupcake instead of a regular birthday cake. Isn't this one adorable! It was so delicious too! Amazingly delicious.  It came from the most precious little cupcake bakery in downtown Columbia.
You can get one too from the Cupcake shop in the Vista.
 Here she is with her younger brother, our oldest son. Both are attending college. One close to home the other several hours away.
 Our #4 child also celebrated his 14th birthday!  He is the tallest one in our family. Already 6 ft. tall!!! Not sure where he got that from.  He is our curly top gentle giant!!!
 We packed up the oldest son who headed off to college for the first time.  Here he is below setting up his dorm room.  I think my youngest child likes to steal the spotlight or maybe he is just excited thinking he is going to get his brother's room now that he is gone.
Lot's of changes taking place. It's great to know that in all things God holds us tightly in the palm of his hand.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lobster Lovin'!

We had a chance to visit the Pine Tree State a few weeks ago.  If you aren't sure which state is the pine tree state then hopefully the pictures below will tell you where we went.  I think it should be called the Lighthouse State because of the beautiful lighthouses that are on the coast.
Portland Head Light Lighthouse built in 1789
The coastline is beautiful and we thoroughly enjoyed the coolness of the breeze blowing off the water.  It was refreshing after the 104 degrees week that we had had in the Carolina's the week before.
 My husband had been looking forward to trying a fresh Maine lobster.  We ate at The Lobster Shack at Two Lights.  The setting was gorgeous.  We enjoyed our meal while overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.
My husband was lovin' the lobster!  We really enjoyed our trip and the opportunity to meet some new people and see a place we've never been to before.