Saturday, April 16, 2011

Senior Prom

Yesterday was one of those "Hit the floor running!" kind of days.  Non-stop activity. 2 major events falling on the same day.  We had an important family event early in the day that I had been looking forward to for some time.  It involved a monumental experience that surrounded the family plantation home that was part of my family for almost 100 years. You can read about it over at my other blog, the Legacy of Laurelwood.  The second big event was my son's senior prom.  We left the plantation just in time to get to the State House for prom pictures.  We live only a few miles from the State House and each year for prom the kids flock there to have pictures made.
My son and me!
The wind had picked up and it felt like a storm was blowing in but the pictures turned out ok.
Like father like son....Both handsome!!!!!!!
Most of the spring blooms had already peaked but we did find a few spots with pretty flowers.
My son and his beautiful date!
My son and his date have been friends for quite a while now.  You could not find two more committed christian high schoolers anywhere! I am so impressed with the spiritual maturity of these kids and I just can't wait to see how God will direct their paths in the future.  They both are exemplary role models to their peers. They each are involved in ministering to the homeless in our area as well as leading in our church's Youth praise band.  Below is a picture of my oldest daughter with her brother.  They are 3 years apart.  When he was born she asked if we could put him in the stroller and roll him out the door and back to where he came from!!!!  Poor thing! It's tough being the oldest out of 5.
My son with his big sister!
Here is my son with his other sister. Many people ask me if they are twins. They are only 20 months apart.
Big brother & little sister!
Here are all the children together with their brother and his date. The little brothers were doing their best to tease and be silly.
My son and his date with his sisters and his little brothers.
OK, so my youngest had been good ALL day, bless his heart!  But when we finally got towards the end of the evening he just couldn't take it any more and started the teasing and the poking and the getting in his siblings space. You know what I'm talking about.  So he and his Daddy had to start a little rough housing to burn off some energy.
My husband and our youngest child goofing off!
Me and "The Cuteness" daughter #2. We love our pearls!
My day finally ended about 1:00 this morning.  I am tired but had a great day of making lots of memories. I only had one catastrophe. I dropped the Texas sheet cake in the middle of the floor, but instead of crying I said "Get a spoon"!

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