Saturday, April 9, 2011

Farmville and Edventure!

My oldest child has the BEST job!  She gets paid to play and have fun with kids!!!!
My oldest child at work
 When they have cool exhibits, she gets to help out with them too!  Like this Farmville exhibit that they had today.  We were able to check it out for a bit and really enjoyed ourselves.  We got to see some interesting farm animals, like this Scottish highland's long haired cow. No it is not a Yak or an Ox. It is just a long haired cow.
My oldest child and a scottish highlands long haired cow
  I bet he was wishing he was in the scottish highlands today because it was pretty warm here in the south! He was panting so hard that I felt sorry for him.
My middle child
 We were able to pet some goats and llama's and cows.
My youngest child
 Then we planted some seeds and learned about local agriculture.
 Even got to hand crank an old mill that takes the corn off of the cob.
 Saw an old grist mill work and separate the corn meal from the grits and the chicken scratch.

A 1920's grist mill at work
My two lovely daughters!
 The strawberries are coming in and we got to sample some with some cream. Yummy!
My son and one of his best buddies
 We even got to hold some baby chicks and bunnies.

Had a great day enjoying some fun and sunshine!

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