Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What a Great Event!!!!!!

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Magnificent music, seeing old friends and honoring the memory of a great man, Dr. David Cuttino, were the elements of the Cuttino Choir Reunion Concert this past weekend at CSU , (formerly The Baptist College of Charleston) the college that I graduated from.
My freshman year in college, a friend came up to me and said "Hey Myra, I know you like to sing. You should audition for this singing group called "Warm Summer Rain" that is a select group of singers from the Baptist College Choir, The Singing Bucaneers." I had never auditioned for anything in my life but for whatever reason felt prompted to audition and to my surprise I made it and was selected for an alto part in the group. To sing in the group you had to also sing in the choir so I began attending rehearsals for the choir even though I did not sign up to receive any college credit at the time. Our choir director was Dr. David Cuttino. I can honestly say that I am a better person today just by knowing Dr. Cuttino. He had a profound impact on my life and soooooo many others that came across his path.

Cuttino Choir Reunion

originally uploaded by Charleston Southern University.
Yes I am in this photo! Can you find me?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Do you have a dream home?

I have a dream home.  It's just down this avenue.

It's an old southern plantation that actually belonged to my grandparents. Here is a photo of them. I never knew this set of grandparents. They were my Daddy's parents and they died before I was born.
In the early1900's they purchased a plantation that was used as their summer home.  When their other home called the Leesburg Plantation burned to the ground they decided to make Laurelwood Plantation their permanent home. You can read about it here.  The home and property is for sale and I would love to see it purchased by someone who has the means to restore her to the beautiful southern plantation that she once was.  I like to dream about it being back in my family. I love historical homes and South Carolina history.  This home has special meaning to me so I will be following it closely. If you have a special interest in the restoration of old homes make sure you head over to my other blog the Legacy of Laurelwood and become a follower.