Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My baby is not a baby anymore!

My baby turned 10 today!
I had to post a few baby pictures of him 'cause he's just so adorable!!!
Here we escaped seminary for a day & headed to the gulf of Mexico for a day at the beach. Those are 3 of my other children in the background. They all have grown so much since then!
Below was on Easter Sunday our first year back in SC. I loved this little sailor suit.
Here he is today  (Still ADORABLE) and he is still getting lots of huggin' & squeezin' from me!!!

We enjoyed his favorite pizza for lunch!

Can't believe that time has gone by so fast. Here is a picture of him when he was smaller along with my kitty that he put in the washing machine while it was running! Boy could I tell you some stories about this child!!!

Thankfully she survived & to this day she enjoys water & getting baths!!! Here is a picture of my kitty so you know for sure that she's alright! Isn't she beautiful?

Happy Birthday to you dear son! Your silliness & sense of humor never fails to entertain us & make us laugh! Here is another favorite photo of my youngest child. Don't you just love those dimples?

You truly are a gift from God!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

True Woman | Sign the Manifesto

True Woman | Sign the Manifesto

I've got the "no-vacation" blues!

Looks like this summer will be a no-vacation summer. Before you feel sorry for me, let me say that our family will probably take several 1 day getaways/adventures. As far as a week long get away, "vacation", it's not going to happen this summer. I have a few moments here and there when I feel a bit down about not going away for an extended period of time. Or I will day dream about places that I would like for our family to go & feel some disappointment because we are unable at this point in our lives to do so.  But I also think that a vacation can be a state of mind! There are MANY ways that we can pause from our ordinary routine to "vacation" without spending a lot of money or even spending the night away from home! We happen to live in a location that offers many area attractions,  like a great water park just minutes away,

 and we are only a few hours drive to either the coast or the mountains. Some of our best memories together as a family have been these 1 day mini-vacations.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sunset on Ocracoke

Wishing I could see the sunset off Ocracoke Island again. Soon! I am in need of a vacation!  We took this picture several years ago during a winter trip to the Outer Banks of NC.  I would love to go back in the summertime.  We were riding on the ferry when we took this picture and it was such a beautiful site to see.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Farmer's Hands

I posted several months back about my youngest child starting a garden from seed. The above picture is of his little hands carrying his harvest. Those are the prettiest and tastiest squash I have ever seen! I am happy to say that the whole family has enjoyed this project and we are already thinking about our garden plans for next year. 

Here is my little farmer tending his garden.

He likes to go out with his farmer hat on.

We hoped that if he grew his own vegetables that he would start eating them better.
Our little plan worked!
Yes, he really does eat his veggies! And he likes them!
The past few weeks have been busy with school ending and winding down of the various activities that go along with the school year. At the end of May, we celebrated my oldest son's 17th birthday. He had no idea what was in the box but it was something he has been asking for since he was 8 years old. Notice the goofy black toy glasses that my oldest daughter is wearing.  For some reason the kids all love to randomly slip those glasses on in various poses here and there. You never know who might be wearing them and at what event.
This boy is very serious when it comes to his music.  So once he mastered the guitar and still kept asking for this, we couldn't think of anything better (except maybe a Jeep Wrangler! Nah!!!!).
We also took my oldest son on his first visit to check out colleges that he might want to attend since he will be a high school senior in the fall. First on our list, of course, was the University of South Carolina!
Here is "Cocky", the Gamecocks mascot.
This boy loves his Gamecocks!

Among the activities winding down, Baseball season came to an end. Here's my little slugger running home and earning a point for his team!
He got the game ball twice this season!

Youth choir has come to an end for the summer as well. The 3 of mine that are in the youth choir at our church really enjoyed being a part of the program. They ended with a concert and a visit to a local nursing facility to sing to the residents.

My middle child decided to attempt another sewing project. She wanted to make a few of her friends a little gift for the end of the school year. So we whipped up these "cutesie cases" (as my daughter named them) for her friends to use as a cell phone/ipod/camera case. I thought they turned out really cute considering I created these without a pattern. Aren't they adorable?

Here is another pic. I want to make one for my self!