Thursday, December 2, 2010

Family Christmas Traditions

When our first child was born, we started a tradition of buying a special ornament each year for her. As we began decorating the tree, the first ornament that went up was the new one. We made a big deal out of presenting the special ornament. She liked ballerinas so every year she gets a special ballerina ornament.

This tradition has carried on as we had more children.
My oldest son loved trains, so each year he gets a train ornament.

My middle child used to like cats, but now she likes owls so she has a owl & pussycat theme for her ornaments.

Our next son has quite a collection of adorable Christmas bears.

Our youngest child gets the cute snowmen!

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Sarah said...

Hi! LOVE the ballerina ornament i used to have it but sadly lost it. Do you still know where you bought it at ?
Nice Blog!
greetings from germany