Thursday, September 16, 2010

You'll never guess--- (a $100 giveaway)

I have been in the mood to so some sewing lately but just haven't had the time.  I certainly find a lot of inspiration on sewing blogs that I've stumbled upon.  I love the new mod fabrics and new patterns that are out right now.  Here is a giveaway that might inspire you! Head over to Pioneer Beauty to enter.
You'll never guess--- (a $100 giveaway)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's Fall Nesting Time!!!

Happy Fall Y'all! It's time to get our nests ready for Fall. My favorite season Summer is over but my 2nd favorite season Fall is about to begin.  For great ideas on how to get your home ready for Autumn head over to the Inspired Room. She is having a Fall Nesting Party.

While you are sprucing up your home listen to today's Revive Our Hearts Program by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. She says that our homes are intended to be places that reflect God, that reflect the gospel.
One of the statements in the True Woman Manifesto says, "We will seek to establish homes that manifest the love, grace, beauty, and order of God, that provide a climate conducive to nurturing life and that extend Christian hospitality to those outside the walls of our homes."  It is my desire to have that type of home.

What is Bargainomics?

Have you heard the term Bargainomics? I recently listened to the radio program "Living for Joy", and heard an epidsode about bargainomics. Judy Woodward Bates says that Bargainomics is money management God's way.  What better way is there?
I was hanging on her every word. Please go to the Living with Joy site and hear for yourself about how you can save money.  I was extremely encouraged and motivated to be a better steward of our finances. Of course with 5 kids I am all about finding good bargains!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Summer is officially over today. Labor day where I'm from marks the end of wearing white shoes & white pants. You can't bring them out again til Easter.
 Labor day also is the marker that says SUMMER IS OVER.  Boo Hoo! Summer is my favorite season. I love the kids being home and enjoy the slower pace of living. Of course I love the BEACH! We did get to spend some time away this summer at Pawleys Island. So in honor of Summertime here are some of our summer pictures.
We found this shell on the beach our first day at Pawleys & it had a smiley face on it! It had cracks & holes in the shell that made it look like a smiley face. I told the kids it was saying "Welcome to Pawley's Island!".  

My youngest looking for shark teeth!
My oldest son practicing his kite flying skills!

It really did fly!

Middle son & my hubby luvin' the waves!
My daughters enjoying the sun!
We had a great summer break! Goodbye Summer hello Fall!