Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tic Toc Candy Shoppe

Oh the sweetness of it all! And I'm not just talkin'about the candy!

While at lunch with some friends I heard about a new candy store in town.  My middle child loves to go on little outings with me and I love to try to do one on one things with each of the kids.  So, I came home and we went to check out the new candy store. It's adorable!!!!
You have to go check it out.  It's called the Tic-Toc Candy Shoppe located in 5 points in Columbia.  They have candy, candy and more CANDY!!!!! And with a name like Tic-Toc you know there has to be a clock somewhere.  Well, they have this really awesome clock that does the neatest thing when it chimes! You have to see it! I took a picture of the clock but for some reason when I try to post it it comes out sideways even though I rotate it. So you will just have to hop right on down to 5 points and check this place out!
We met one of the owners and she is incredibly sweet too! She let us try a sample of a chocolatey treat called clodhoppers. Yum!!!! 
Warning! I am not responsible for any weight gain or cavities that may result from your visit to this sweet shop!!

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