Thursday, June 17, 2010

The past few weeks have been busy with school ending and winding down of the various activities that go along with the school year. At the end of May, we celebrated my oldest son's 17th birthday. He had no idea what was in the box but it was something he has been asking for since he was 8 years old. Notice the goofy black toy glasses that my oldest daughter is wearing.  For some reason the kids all love to randomly slip those glasses on in various poses here and there. You never know who might be wearing them and at what event.
This boy is very serious when it comes to his music.  So once he mastered the guitar and still kept asking for this, we couldn't think of anything better (except maybe a Jeep Wrangler! Nah!!!!).
We also took my oldest son on his first visit to check out colleges that he might want to attend since he will be a high school senior in the fall. First on our list, of course, was the University of South Carolina!
Here is "Cocky", the Gamecocks mascot.
This boy loves his Gamecocks!

Among the activities winding down, Baseball season came to an end. Here's my little slugger running home and earning a point for his team!
He got the game ball twice this season!

Youth choir has come to an end for the summer as well. The 3 of mine that are in the youth choir at our church really enjoyed being a part of the program. They ended with a concert and a visit to a local nursing facility to sing to the residents.

My middle child decided to attempt another sewing project. She wanted to make a few of her friends a little gift for the end of the school year. So we whipped up these "cutesie cases" (as my daughter named them) for her friends to use as a cell phone/ipod/camera case. I thought they turned out really cute considering I created these without a pattern. Aren't they adorable?

Here is another pic. I want to make one for my self!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! You made those without a pattern? They're so cute, and I love the fabric too!!