Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What we have been doing........

Here are a few things of what we have been doing while I have been missing in blog land. I will try not to be so few and far between blog posts from now on. Notice I said "try"!
Child #3 loves drama & acting. She had a part in a local community theatre production of "The Sound of Music". She had a small part as a maid but it was her first time to be in a production that was not a junior arts production.  She loved every minute of it!
We stayed busy for several months with rehearsals and performances.  The production was absolutely wonderful!!!!!

We also decided to homeschool child #5 and withdrew him from school.  He is loving it and I am too!
One of our first projects was to study the life cycle of a seed. One of the best ways I know to do that is to experience it first hand!
We decided to do some vegetables that we all like.
It has been fun to watch the excitement in my son's eyes as he tends to his plants.  He was amazed at how quickly they grew!
He watered and tended his plants very carefully. When the weather warmed & the seedlings outgrew their peat pots, we transplanted them outside.
 We also had to have a major repair on our house this spring.  We had to get a new roof!!! Ouch!
My oldest son spent several days of spring break helping with the repairs. 

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