Thursday, February 25, 2010

Who says we don't get snow in the midlands?
We do........occasionally.  Our huge magnolia tree in the backyard was weighted down with snow. We had plenty of snow to make a snowman family. How do you like my sassy snowMama? Does the hand on the hip make you think of anyone?
Notice the beret with the cross on Mr Snowman's head.
My youngest child was so excited to play in the snow.  He was 2 when he last saw enough snow here to make a snowball.

My middle child and her adorable snow girl!
My oldest son and his snowguy creation. Of course the cap on the snowman indicates that this snowman is definitely a USC Gamecock fan!
My middle son creating his work of art!  We all had a great time enjoying the snow. It went away too quickly.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. I think the picture with the beret wins the snowman contest.