Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's a mad mad mad world out there! In case you haven't noticed, just turn on the news or pick up a newspaper. The morning TV news channels alone have stories that make me want to run and jump back in bed and pull the covers over my head. If you have kids it makes you want to keep them at home to protect them from the world outside. Although that's a novel idea, studies are showing that even inside the home our children are being exposed to so many negative influences via television and the Internet. So what's a parent to do? My husband and I have asked ourselves that question many times over the years that we have been parents. We have tried to protect our children from the evil of this world by preventing their exposure to things we thought would be harmful to them. We have tried to prepare them for times when they may inadvertently be exposed, giving them examples of what they should and should not do. We have provided our children with a loving, Godly Christian home in an environment where they could thrive and grow and develop. However, it seems that there is no getting around the fact that we live in a dark world with a dark culture that threatens the very life of our children, our home, and our family. So do we just give up and say there is no hope? Absolutely NOT! We are on a battlefield at this very moment, whether we like it or not. Some days I feel like I am running scared from the enemy and some days I feel like hiding under a rock. Some days I fight back with the fierceness off a mother bear when there is a threat to her cubs. Then some days all I can do is just stand there. The war rages on every day. So again I ask, "What do we do?' First and foremost, we should pray. Pray for guidance, wisdom, protection, and strength to persevere. Pray for our children, for their safety, protection and the strength to say no in a world that says anything and everything is ok. Pray for resources to fight the battle. I was listening to Focus on the Family just this morning and the program that aired today was talking about this very thing that has been on my mind so much in recent days. If you get a chance go to Focus on the Family's website and listen to this program with James Dobson interviewing Rebecca Hagelin. She has recently put out this book which I definitely will be adding to my personal library.
Second, we should seek to gain knowledge about the strategy of the enemy's attack. Be informed about what is going on in the world. Read, study, listen, learn all you can. There are so many family organizations, like Focus on the Family and Family Life Today that provide great resources to educate you about forces that threaten our families and what we can do to equip ourselves to guard and protect family values.
Third, we must stand. We must join in with the thousands of other Christians in this world who have chosen not to give in to defeat to the forces of evil. We must lock arms and together STAND.