Thursday, September 10, 2009

Anybody Like Heirloom Sewing????

I was first introduced to heirloom sewing by my sister in-law. It was at her house that I had my first look at the magazine Sew Beautiful by Martha Pullen. I was immediately enraptured!!!! This was over 20 years ago and I still eagerly await each new issue of the Sew Beautiful magazine. Now I would like to say that by now I am an accomplished heirloom sewer, but I am not. I am definitely an heirloom sewer want to be!!!!!!! I am proud to say that I am closer today to that goal than I was yesterday! I have had an exciting week this week and it's not over yet! I have had the priveledge of assisting at the Martha Pullen Heirloom Sewing Celebration sponsored by the Creative Sewing Machine Center. Oh my stars!!!!!!!!!! I just have to share a little taste of some of what I have seen so far, so here is a sneak peak. Just enough to whet your appetite!!!!! Stay tuned.....I will have more later! Maybe a picture of Martha herself!!!!!

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