Thursday, March 26, 2009

I stumbled across a blog recently that I have to tell you about. I love all things southern, southern sayings, southern food, southern style and this blog dishes out a deep dish serving of southern grace. So mosie on over to Miss Janice's blog and enjoy her southern style and flare. I adore the outfits she comes up with, she makes me want to go spruce up my wardrobe a bit!

Thinking along the lines of what to wear and sprucing up my wardrobe, I have really been in the mood to do some sewing. It has been many years since I have made something for myself so I think it's high time I did. There are some really great fabrics that have come out in the sewing market recently and I am thinking of making some summer skirts for me and my daughters. My favorite place to shop for fabric is here at the creative-sewing-machine-center.

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